Anchors Potted Sports

Apologies for the confusion over the date of this competition.

The Anchors Potted Sports will be held on Saturday 25th January from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm at Priory Methodist Church, Bedford


Scoring -

Please confirm your company's attendance and the number of teams to Colin Watts by Friday 24th January.

The games are:

  1. Bean Bags in hoop targets - 1 point for large hoop, 2 for middle & 3 for small.
  2. Burrowing beavers - Crawling under 10 chairs and back - 1 point for each crawl.
  3. Balls in Bucket - 1 point for each ball that lands inside the bucket.
  4. Jumping - Each boy jumps sideways over a line 10 times then passes onto the next. 1 point for every 10 jumps completed.
  5. Jenga - build the tower from scratch - score is the number of completed layers at the end. Each layer should have 2 bricks.
  6. Dribbling - each team member dribbles in turn around 5 cones there and back. 1 point for each completed dribble.
  7. Skip-a-roo - Each team member skips 5 times then passes onto the next. 1 point for every 5 skips completed.
  8. Take a break for a drink.
  9. Balancing - transfer ball from one bottle neck to the next - 1 point for each successful transfer.
  10. Hoops - climb through the hoop in turns - 1 point for each pass.

Skip a roo (7) will be left out if there are fewer teams