Company/Senior First Aid

The Company/Senior Section first aid competition will be on Friday 13th March at Kempston East Methodist Church.


Please arrive at 7pm to start the competition at 7.30pm. There will be three parts to the competition, a theory part, CPR part and scenario part.
(Boys should know the 2015 CPR guidelines from the Resuscitation Council UK - see below).

Teams should be teams of 3 boys, only one Senior boy is permitted on a team.

Please contact Rob Ciantar to register your teams by Wednesday 11th March.


Resuscitation Council (UK) Guidelines 2015

Whilst the updates to resuscitation were minimal, there are three subtle changes that will impact on how first aid is taught in the future:

1. "Shouting for help" is no longer a step to be taught on its own. The guidelines now state that the first aider should "ask someone to call 999" after checking for normal breathing.

The guidelines now only instruct the first aider to "ask someone to call 999" after checking for normal breathing. This further simplifies the guidelines, making accurate recollection of the sequence even easier. It also acknowledges the frequent availability of mobile phones as the new guidance also says to use the speaker function on mobile phones for ease of communication.

2. Increased emphasis on seizure as a possible presentation of cardiac arrest

Immediately following cardiac arrest, blood flow to the brain is reduced to virtually zero. This may cause a seizure-like episode that can be confused with epilepsy. Bystanders should be suspicious of cardiac arrest in any patient presenting with seizures. It is also extremely important to teach first aiders how to recognise agonal gasps.

3. Teach first aiders to activate the speaker function on their phone when calling 999 to help communication.

A common feature on modern mobile phones, this addition helps the first aider to communicate with the Emergency Medical Despatcher at the same time as assisting the casualty. Guidance says that it is reasonable to show the first aider how this can be done on their own mobile phone.

(Taken directly from the Qualsafe website