Junior Section 5 a side football

The Junior Section 5 a side football competition will be held on Saturday 5th October at Lea Manor Recreation Centre, Northwell Drive, Luton LU3 3TL from 1500 to 1700.

Please notify Andrew Burchell of your attendance by Friday 4th October.

Please arrive by 1445 so we can make a prompt start.

5 a side Rules

Squads should consist of no more than 8 boys. If more than one team is entered, boys cannot be moved between teams. Substitutions are not permitted during a game except in case of serious injury.

Start of Play
Drop ball in the centre circle between opposing players. Teams must be in their own halves.

Ball out of Play
Vertical: An indirect free kick is conceded if the ball is played above head height. Exceptions are when the ball is deflected off either a player or the goal posts. Head height will be determined by the height of the shortest player in each game.
Horizontal: An underarm roll in is conceded.

Foul Play
A direct free kick is conceded at the point of infringement for:
     Intentional body contact - charging, pushing, kicking, and tripping.
     Slide Tackling.
     Hand Ball.
An indirect free kick is conceded for:
     Time wasting.

Goal Areas
Only the Goal Keeper is allowed in the goal area.
Infringement by the defending team - Penalty awarded if entry is deliberate or the ball is played.
Infringement by the attacking team - Goal Keepers ball.
A goal scored from outside the area which results in the attacker's momentum carrying him into the area is allowed if entry into the goal area is not deliberate and the Goal Keeper is not impeded.
The Goal Keeper must roll the ball out under arm and below knee height. Infringement will result in a re-roll, or indirect free kick if repeated.
The back pass rule will not be actioned however, the Goal Keeper must not directly receive the ball from the same defender as he has released it to.
The Goal Keeper is allowed to leave the goal area but must not use his hands outside the area otherwise a direct free kick will be conceded.

Drop Balls
The referee may use a drop ball to restart the game if no side is responsible for the stoppage.

Penalties & Free Kicks
When taking a penalty or free kick, a player may only take 2 steps before striking the ball.

The duration of each match will be set once the number of team entries is confirmed and will be announced shortly before the first match.

Games will be played indoors.
Shin pads must be worn by all players whilst on the pitch.
Players must wear moulded boots or trainers. Metal and plastic studded boots are not permitted.
Teams that arrive more than 15 minutes late will concede any matches that should have been played before their arrival.
Teams must be on the pitch ready to start a match within 30 seconds of the previous match finishing, or the match may be conceded.