Junior Section Unihoc

The Junior Section Unihoc will be held at St. John's Methodist Church, Luton on Saturday 1st February, starting at 1330. The competition will end at 1530.

Please advise Andrew Burchell of your attendance by Friday 31st January. It is helpful to tell us even if you plan not to attend.

Unihoc Rules

The Court

  1. The goal line will be 1 metre forward of the wall to allow play to continue all around the goal.
  2. The goal area will measure 1.5 metres in a semi-circle (or possibly a rectangle) forward of the centre of the goal line.
  3. Neither players nor sticks are permitted within the goal area.
    1. A defender who deliberately enters the goal area or allows his stick into the goal area or plays the puck inside the goal area will concede a Penalty
    2. An attacking player who deliberately enters the goal area, allows his stick or plays the puck within the area will concede a Free Stroke.  No goal can be scored by an attacking team if a member of that team has entered the goal area.
    3. Where the puck comes to rest in the goal area without a goal having been scored, there will be a Free Stroke given to the defending team from goal line at the side of the goal area.
  4. The goal will be approximately 1 metre wide.

The Players

  1. Teams will consist of 4 players.
  2. The game is played without a goalkeeper.
  3. The squad may comprise up to 7 players.
  4. Substitutions are not permitted during a game except in case of serious injury.

The Game

  1. The game starts with a bully off, between 2 players, at the middle of the court.
  2. After each break the game will restart with a bully off from the nearest place to where the game was stopped. In the event of a goal being scored the game will restart with a bully off from the middle of the court.
  3. All players must be in their own half of the court when the game starts, or restarts following a goal.
  4. The duration of each match will be set once the number of team entries is confirmed and will be announced shortly before the first match.

Playing the Puck

  1. A player must have both hands on the stick when the puck is played.
  2. Both sides of the stick head may be used to pass, shoot and dribble with the puck.
  3. A player may shoot for goal from any position on the court.
  4. Players may NOT raise the stick head above waist height. A player who does so will concede a Free Stroke to the opponents' team.
  5. A player may not throw the stick to hit the puck. A player who does throw his stick will concede a Free Stroke to the other team.
  6. A player may not hit or otherwise propel the puck if he is lying on the floor. A player who does so will concede a Free Stroke.
  7. A player may not deliberately stop the puck with hand, foot or any other part of the body.
  8. The puck may be passed in any direction. There is no "off-side".
  9. The puck may be played off both side and end walls.
  10. The puck must be kept below head height.
  11. In cases where there are no side walls or end walls, a Free Stroke will be awarded against the team which put the puck out of play, from the point where the puck went out.


  1. No bodily contact is permitted, thus players may not push, pull or hold up any other player.
  2. Players may not impede or trip their opponents either bodily or with their sticks.
  3. A player who commits violent or serious foul play under either of the above rules will be sent off for the remainder of the game.
  4. Where players are sent off for a less serious offence they may be sent off for a limited period.

Moving the Goal

  1. Where a defending player deliberately moves the goal from its correct position whilst the puck is in play that player will concede a penalty.

Free Strokes & Penalties

  1. When a Free Stroke has been awarded it must be taken from the place where the foul was committed.
  2. Members of the team against which the Free Stroke is awarded must not stand nearer the puck than 2 metres.
  3. A goal can be scored directly from a Free Stroke.
  4. Where a Free Stroke is awarded within 2 metrres of the goal area, it will be taken from a point 2 metres from the edge of the goal area allowing defenders between the goal and the player taking the Free Stroke.
  5. A Penalty must be taken 5 metres from the goal line.
  6. All players must be behind the Penalty spot.
  7. Following a Penalty the puck is deemed out of play if a goal is not scored. The defending side take a Free Stroke from the goal line at the side of the goal area.


  1. Players must wear trainers with non-marking soles.
  2. Shin pads must be worn by all players.
  3. Teams that arrive more than 15 minutes late will concede any matches that should have been played before their arrival.
  4. Teams must be on the pitch ready to start a match within 30 seconds of the previous match finishing, or the match may be conceded.