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Treasure Chests

What are they?

An Additional Resource for companies – provided by the Battalion

 Click here to view the current Battalion Treasure Chests Catalogue

Why have they been established?

To enable companies to provide a more varied program

To provide resources that might normally be;

  • Too costly
  • Not used enough by an individual company to justify purchase
  • Not considered before
  • Unable to obtain

To give the company a flavour of an activity without needing to purchasing it.

The company may wish to develop it in depth at a later stage


Each chest has been designed to offer activities for each section.

Listed are the materials and suggestions for ideas. Of course, you may have your own usages - and it would be useful to know how the items are being used, what achievements/credits they are servicing.


The Chests have involved a great deal of cost to put together, it is therefore essential that;

·         They are used      

·         Materials are replaced - costs are met.


We suggest that the company would like to make a donation made payable to

“West Anglia Battalion - The Boys' Brigade”, for a sum that they feel is appropriate for the items that they have used.


Each company should consider what they have used and what needs restocking. Where necessary an appropriate donation should be made for restocking and improving the chest.

Booking Out

The Chests can be booked out via the Co-ordinator

·         Each booking would normally last for a period of around 3 months.

·         Longer check-outs/extensions need to be booked.

·         It is envisaged that the chest would be passed to the next booked out company at either a Battalion Meeting, as ALL companies should be attending these – or perhaps at a Battalion Competition, or by mutual agreement between the two companies involved. No Chest should change possession without being booked out AND without notifying the co-ordinator.


As you can imagine, a great deal of money has gone into creating the chests and associated items. Many, as single purchases, exceed £100. It is the company’s responsibility to ensure the safe-keeping of the chest and the items inside !

After Using the Treasure Chests

Please make sure that items used are clean for the next persons usage. 

Also use the adage of leaving it better than you found it. This was taught to me when I was a BB Boy !

Please ensure that a stock take is carried out and that all items are present.

The Future:

These chests need to grow over the next 5 years until 2005-06, by which time we will have a set of resources which will be of great benefit to the Battalion.

If you have any comments for improvements or suggestions for inclusion,  then be sure to fill out the appropriate forms within the folders – or send the info direct to the co-ordinator.

Treasure Chests Co-ordinator:

To book out any items please contact Angela Brydon

Telephone 01525 720506

Mobile 07712 769280

Email: westanglia@boys-brigade.org.uk

Please contact if you have any questions, etc.



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