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Competition Scoring

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The rules for working out the Champions' Cup scores are as follows:

The following example may help to clarify things:
Position Team Bonus points Comments


A i


Company A 1st team


Mixed team

co B: 2
co C: 1

3 boys from company B, 2 boys from company C, team size 5; so
company B scores 4*(3/5) = 2.4 rounded down to 2 points
company C scores 4*(2/5) = 1.6 rounded down to 1 point

3rd =









A ii


Company A 2nd team does not prevent next placed team from scoring 1 point





Mixed Teams

In some circumstances, in order to allow as many boys as possible to take part in a competition, it may be appropriate for a member or members from one company to join with another company and form a mixed team. In this case, each company scores bonus points according to the proportion of members from that company required to make a legal team, so, for example, if a competition requires teams of 5, company A has 4 and company B has 2, then company A would score 4/5 of the bonus points available, and company B would score 2/5 of the bonus points available. Points are always rounded down to the nearest whole number.

This also permits a legal team to accommodate an extra member without forfeiting their bonus points. The extra member's company will score bonus points as if for a mixed team.

Champions' Cup

For the Champions' Cup, to accommodate the fact that companies cannot always attend every competition, only the scores from a proportion of the competitions are counted. For each company, their best scores will be counted.

For 2019/20, the scores will be counted as follows:

For example, if a Junior Section enters eight competitions and scores 11, 10, 13, 14, 15, 10, 12 and 13 points respectively, the 11, 13, 14, 15, 12, 13 and one of the 10s will count towards the Champions' Cup, giving them a total of 88 points.

If this results in a tie between two or more companies, then the total scores achieved in discarded competitions will be taken into account, so in the example above the 10 points would be compared with discarded scores for the other companies.

If there is still a tie after discarded points have been taken into account, then the number of "first places" will be compared, then the number of "second places" and so on.

If this still fails to give a result then the Champions' Cup will be awarded jointly for the year.

Company & Senior Competitions

Competitions shown as "Company & Senior" then teams may consist of either all Company, or all Senior, or mixed Company/Senior members.

Champions cup bonus points will be allocated as follows:

Placings will be awarded separately for Senior and Mixed teams and for Company & Mixed teams (i.e. if a Company team comes second to a Senior team, the Company team will also receive 5 bonus points).

The following example may help to clarify things:
Position Team Bonus points Comments


A senior

5 senior

Company A all seniors team


B mixed

4 senior
5 company

Company B mixed team


D company

4 company

Company D all company team


E company

3 company

Company E all company team


C mixed

3 senior
2 company

Company C mixed team


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